Monday, August 26, 2013

Is this art?

Summer days by the sea and no conventional art materials, but you have the urge to create.  What do you do?  Here's what I came up with from my varied beach finds. I've collected for years without having a reason.

 Shed Reconstructed (2013) Margaret Ryall , assemblage( recycled wood, rope & bolts)

 By the beach (2013) Margaret Ryall, assemblage ( recycled  wood, rope& rusted wire)

 Once I created one piece and had a ball, I went looking for specific materials for a second and now a third one is almost complete.  I had no intention of every producing an assemblage, but now I can't wait to do another one. I am lucky that if it's a saw we have it-every kind imaginable- and I can use most of them. My mind is overflowing with ideas which are all beach related.

Now the hard part... Is this art?  Where does it fit with my other art work? Does either of these really matter?

 I would love to hear your thoughts.  I'm afraid I have lost many of my long time followers with my sporadic attention to blogging over the last year.  Hope not!


tess stieben said...

I for one love assemblage art made from found materials as it reuses that which would otherwise go to landfills, but foremost the texturing has already been beautifully done by the elements.
To answer a few of your questions, yes, it is art, it is sound, environmentally friendly and you use a great sense of compositional balance of color, shape and texture. It is art; it is sculpture. Does it have to be relevant to your other work, no it does not. I work in varied mediums and for the last three years I've made environmental work based on found or recycle materials which to date have never been posted online, yet this alternative work has been accepted to show at the Art Gallery of St Albert in the new year.
Back to your work, previously you worked with encaustic where your pieces took on the sculptural feel to them, assemblage may be just a natural progression of your style, or an offshoot, either way its valid as one process always has an effect on the other mediums we use, sometime very subtly and at other times very noticeably. I see a connection with your wallpaper pieces here with the use of the found and weather worn imagery. Big hugs and happy to be able to "think" about your work.

angi eharis said...

this is fabulous art! i love it! tx for sharing and inspiring with me, aloha, angi in hana