Thursday, March 6, 2014

Installations with a difference

 How often do you go to a museum or gallery and feel lost because of the large scale of what you are looking at?   I just came across a great introduction to the work of Chiharu Shiota, a conceptual Japanese artist, written by Richard Rabel on his blog   The Modern Sybarite.  Shiota's  artist's work is very intriguing because of its smaller, more intimate scale and the way she uses everyday materials. 

Rabel  begins ...

The contemporary art installations of conceptual Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota (b. 1972) use found objects like beds, books, toys, suitcases, shoes and windows enveloped or suspended in a cobweb of strings.  It’s a fascinating concept: think about it – what’s your automatic interpretation when you see used objects through the prism of cobwebs? I think of abandonment, decay, and the dichotomy between life and death, past and present.  This is exactly her premise, and in addition she explores the memories of the people infused into these everyday objects.
 I felt an immediate attraction to the work of this artist because the themes explored and how she uses everyday materials.

  Take a look .

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Carole Reid said...

I took a look, finally, and am blown away by her work.