Sunday, July 11, 2010

Here and there

While my summer house and the surroundings give me lots of inspiration for art and time to create, I'm often frustrated when I want to try something new and I realize I don't have all the materials I need. My only access at times like those is mail order from Toronto or wait until I go back to St. John's. Both solutions mean waiting- something I'm not good at.

A corner of my studio in my summer house. I know it's so clean! Only the worktable is messy. All my materials are kept in the closet next to the table. My reading chair gets lots of attention.

The space also serves as a small gallery which I advertise in the region. I'm taking a break from company this summer. Notice that there's hardly anything on the walls except one of my first paintings by the window. I've removed all pressure to produce. I want to see where I end up.

I've spent the last week drawing and only drawing which is something I seldom do. I wanted to take a break from painting. I'm enjoying trying out all the drawing materials I've collected and never used. I was amazed by how much my drawing skills have improved since the last time I put a concerted effort into the task of creating using line and value. I am so much more adept creating form when I use paint. I think some of these drawings will end up in the encaustic work I plan to pursue when I return to my summer house or they may become part of mixed media work or then again they may end up filed under drawings. Here's a taste of my endeavors celebrating the poppy which is now in bloom here .


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Sounds and looks like you are having a great summer. It's good to change...drawing instead of painting and maybe more time thinking, reading and writing then actually art making!It will be interesting what grows from this slower time.

-Don said...


I can appreciate not having what you need when you want it. That would make me a bit grumpy. Just ask my kids after they borrow my scissors or a pencil and forget to put it back where dad can find it.

Your drawings are really nice. Kudos to you for slowing down and just enjoying your summer. I look forward to seeing what comes of this gestation period you're enjoying.


beauty comma said...

i know what you mean about having to wait for materials or equipment... your workspace looks wonderful, it must be nice to have a place to be creative in your summer house - if it lets your conscience rest, that is? the poppy drawings are lovely. sometimes one's skills improve while we're doing other things!
enjoy your 25 degrees with wind, sounds perfect (we've got 30 and no wind...)!

hwfarber said...

Your drawings are beautiful; I especially like the first one.

I live in an area where I have to wait for delivery of art supplies. Since I like being prepared, I'm being buried under piles of things I might one day need. (Just hope I can find them.)

Leslie Avon Miller said...

I only have delivery of art supplies too. It can be frustrating but one can get creative! I love your poppy drawings Margaret.

Mary Paquet said...

Margaret, your poppy drawings are lovely -- what a pleasure to enjoy some quiet time in the summer and draw.

I listened to your interview and I was so impressed. I must go back in the blog and find what you've shared about your shows.

Shayla said...

Very nice! Your botanicals have life- a bit of drama. Your gentle pace right now sounds natural and nurturing.