Sunday, November 21, 2010

New work

Untitled (6 x 6 in.) encaustic, paper, pigment stick

Continuing with my explorations in encaustic with red....

One of the fantastic qualities of encaustic is its softness which enables you to incise lines using various tools (stylus, pottery or sculpture tools, nails, skewers etc).

Once made, the lines can be highlighted by using a different colour of encaustic paint or by rubbing oil/pigment stick or oil pastel into the grooves . Residue left on the surface of he work can be cleaned by continuous rubbing with a soft cloth. An added advantage of using pastel or oil stick is that it also catches up in any imperfections in the surface and gives a more textured look. This is one of the ways you can move colour around subtly in a composition.

We Are Neighbours (2009) 9 x 10 in. encaustic, paper, pigment stick

You can also brush powdered graphite etc, into the groves, wipe off remaining powder on the surface with vegetable oil ,and seal with a thin layer of clear encaustic medium.


hwfarber said...

I love the one at the top.

Kathy said...

Wonderful!! This must be a lot of fun.

-Don said...

Thanks for sharing your techniques as well as you wonderful results. Both are really nice.