Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

I had a productive weekend with encaustic which seems to be taking over my painting a little lately.  I managed to complete a piece to submit to the International Encaustic Artist Conference Juried Show this June.  I will wait to post the image as we get nearer to the show no matter how I make out with the submission.

I spent the rest of the time exploring textures and patterns  on  8x8 panels.Paper and fabrics were laid down initially and then various techniques were used to replicate ( with variations) the original patterns.  I'm interested in the subtle changes that happen in this layered process.  Although you can recognize both patterns when you compare them to the original, changes have occurred. As in my previous works, these subtle changes produced by the passage of time and actions that intervene  are my primary interest.  If you think nice patterns or textures, that's fine too. 

 paper modified
 lace modified

 wallpaper modified

 In previous posts I showed some of my earlier work on 4x4 here and 6x6 here.  I use small panels to create studies in encaustic.  I'm planning several larger works that are a mix of abstraction and realism (floral based), but  I'm not confident to dive in and fully execute them, so I explore my ideas in a safe environment. 

  I can't imagine messing up an 18 x 24 piece  full of encaustic- that's expensive stuff.   In all of these small works I'm  keeping a similar palette (obviously red) and then I can hang them grid style for a summer show I am in. Nothing gets wasted and I"m working out my strategies for background integration. I guess I will soon be ready to use some of what I've discovered in what I  consider my "real work".   The large pieces won't necessarily be red!  I'll soon be over my red phase.


Carole said...

Mmm your red phase is luscious! Very interesting use of texture. Encaustic materials are so expensive I can understand your concern about experimenting on bigger pieces. I have the same problem with the 48"x48" wooden canvases.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe you won't be over that red phase, like these small works and you changing patterns and texture. Good luck with your submissiom. xox Corrine

-Don said...

Thanks for taking us into your thinking processes. It's nice to get a sense of your intent as I study these little beauties. All three look very successful to me and I cannot wait to see the piece your holding out for now. Good luck on getting it into the show.


Mark Sheeky said...

Tush to fears! You've got to try something big then just to get over it and give your confidence a boost. Fear of failure is such an empty fear, to try something is to succeed! You can learn from any results, after all? :)

All of these are quite different. I bet they look even better in real life because of the texture.