Saturday, October 15, 2011

Transending materials

I recently spent two full days at an  encaustic open studio at Torbay Bight Studio and had a very productive time.  I was just back from holiday and my mind was all over the place, so I went into the two days giving myself permission to do whatever struck my fancy.  I had decided not to severely edit my work while creating. The editing came when I laid it all out about a week later. Some interesting things came to light.

Encaustic is a very accessible medium and it is easy to "play"  with it.  That is both a strength and a weakness as far as I'm concerned.  I noticed that about half the pieces I created entailed layering materials and the pieces didn't move beyond that;  I put them in the category of arranging materials.  They will never transcend their parts (but they look pretty).  The other half were very similar  in aesthetic, but they have moved beyond to that place where they are art pieces in their own right. There is little continuity in theme/content because they were all experimental. 

Below are five pieces, I feel some of them work and some don't .  What's your take?


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

For me it's the third one...a lovely row of square shapes and the colors are quite wonderful...a favorite!

Kim Hambric said...

I do think they are all successful. However, I am most partial to #2 and #5.

ArtPropelled said...

1 and 5 are my favourites. I enjoyed seeing them all.

tess stieben said...

One to four reminded me of layers of old wallpaper revealed by time. How much does previous work inform present work? Do subconscious actions and thoughts provide a culmination of all previous learning that springs forth when we allow play with materials?

I believe these four beautiful pieces herald back to your previous works and are a continuation of that work. Though at this point you may feel they do not transcend their parts I believe you are too close to them and in time will realize they do transcend beauty and speak volumes.
It would be interesting to see how the others not posted also "inform" your direction.

The fifth piece is opaque and seems more of a direct impression, its different than the others though also responds to your previous florals.

Shayla said...

and I love 3 and 4- so, we've covered them all :D

Rita Vindedzis said...

These are lovely. I'm especially drawn to the top 2 with the leaves.