Friday, October 21, 2011

6 little gems

Here's more work from my encaustic paint- in several weeks ago.  On and off I've been working on a small series of paintings called Surfacing.  The aesthetic is definitely influenced by my stay in Venice several years ago; I can't seem to get the colours and textures out of my mind. They keep re-surfacing at odd times in my work so I decided to go for it.   The text you see  in several of these is tissue thin and of course purchased in Venice. I plan to mount them  side by side on one long narrow panel and then frame it.

 2011 (6 x 8 in). encaustic mixed media on board

I'm in my gold stage!


Jacqueline said...

Love it!!! I agree that these should be framed on one board for impact.

-Don said...

I'd say they are all GOLDEN! Both literally and figuratively. What a lovely series of works.


TSL said...

LOVE! Would love them about 4'x5' - hee hee - I love BIG! Hope all has been well since my last visit!

Shayla said...

Oh my! I love your gold stage. These textures are exquisite.