Thursday, October 27, 2011


I wish I could feel like I was surfacing, but instead I'm totally immersed in getting work packed up to send to Nova Scotia for a solo show at St. Francis Xavier University Art Gallery.  Remnants opens on November 23 and I plan to travel for the opening.  An hour and a half plane trip and then roughly a two hour drive will get me  to Antigonish which is a beautiful town.  I'm sure it will be exciting. Needless to say not very much new work is being created with all this sorting and packing happening.

This is the last of the pieces I created at my two day paint in several weeks ago.  It belongs to the Surfacing series presented in the last post. You'll see many similarities.

2011 (6x6 in. ) mixed media encaustic on board


Margie said...

Margaret, just happened to be online when you posted!
Gosh, I know Antigonish and ST. F.X very well as I was born in Antigonish, it's indeed a beautiful town.
I was there in Sept. visiting family.

Good lick on the show, lovely piece here!


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Congratulations on your show! Quite a journey to get there but well worth the please!!
Funny, when I'm working, I'm hoping for a show...when I have a show, I complain I would rather be working...?!