Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A growth experience

 I  never know how an experience will influence my art.  It is usually long after an event that bits and pieces creep into a work.  Some experiences cause me to think about how I see art and my art practice. I recently had an opportunity to think about mine. 

 Have you ever been interviewed about your art practice?  Recently Jeanette Jobson, a  local artist, asked me if I would be her focus artist for her October newsletter.  Having read most of the other interviews in her previous newsletters I thought it would be "a growth experience".  It was.  The questions were varied and required lots of thought on my part.  Isn't it always difficult to grasp those wispy  thoughts and shape them into something cohesive?

 Me at one of the four corners of the world (according to the Flat Earth Society)
 Fogo, Newfoundland,  2011

 Check out Jeanette's  October Newsletter here and get to know me a little  more. Was there anything surprising ?


Carole said...

Hi Margaret. That was a great interview with some very interesting questions and answers. Good for you!

Kelly Marszycki said...

Bravo, Margaret! Yes, you are right -- it is difficult to state one's vision, one's goals, etc. but you did wonderfully. Surprise? I did not know that you are also an interior designer!

Jeanette said...

Margaret, thank you taking time to answer my questions. Your answers were insightful.

When faced with what, on the surface, seem like simple questions, we think the answers will come easily. That never seems to be the case, but the experience of formulating the answers often reveals more to ourselves than it does to others.