Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Picking up the pieces

I'm back from the encaustic conference and my extended holiday.  There's nothing like being exposed to lots of materials, art, artists and discussion to rev your mind into overdrive.  Sometimes having too many ideas is as bad as having none.

I'm packing away my new purchases and hoping the Visa bill doesn't arrive before the glow of purchasing wears off. You know how it is!

 It looks so insignificant but encaustic paint is pricey.

 My favourite - transparent colours

 Evans Encaustics ( I love the shimmer ones)

And these little beauties almost didn't make it past security in Toronto airport. When I said it was pigmented wax for painting I got quite a disbelieving look as he proceeded to swab it and report it wasn't a dangerous substance.  Good thing.
Kama ( a Canadian company in Montreal)

And two pigment sticks for monotype in encaustic.I love the fact they feel like a pencil; I seem to have better control with them. I already have 10 from my spree last year.  You can see I already had a go at paynes gray.

 My next step is to reread all my notes and make new ones.  That's how I synthesize my experiences and decide on a plan of action .


  In a week I leave for my summer house where I have a quiet studio overlooking the ocean.  It is contemplative and has great  light.  This is the first summer I'll bring out all my encaustic gear.  You might say it will be a hot summer.  

Here are some experiments for my  new series - Surfacing- poorly shot and cropped.

 16 x 16

And all of these are onl6 6 x 8

Who knows where these will all go.  My initial work usually morphs several times before I create the real work for the exhibition.


Lesley Ann Staples said...

oh you are going to have so much fun!!!! I can't wait to see your work with this medium. I really like the first and second piece. Here's to a great summer creating.:)

Margaret Ryall said...

Thanks Leslie. I'm getting work ready for the summer show at The Leyton Gallery and packing boxes for my summer jaunt. Exciting week for me. I only get to post when I'm in town so summer slows me down for blogging.