Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday problems

Working in encaustic in Newfoundland's wind is not for the faint of heart.  It seems I am always fighting the movement of cold air into the studio. I need a secondary source of  fresh air  to replace what is lost by the  exhaust fan spinning like crazy sucking all the warm air out of  the house (according to my husband).  It's not an efficient system.  If the air is too cold the encaustic will not flow smoothly.  When it is windy the cold air blows back into the house around the fan.

  Window without the fan

I tried closing off part of the window with styrofoam which is easy to insert, but it blows down!

 Sometimes it is so windy the fan is  turning half as fast as it  should be.  Next the motors will burn out!     I want my husband to build a wooden frame around my new double  fan  I just purchased  to allow me to  insert  the whole thing into the window to cut any cold air coming in above my palette.  Fingers crossed.  I also have a new vanity for the bathroom on the to do list.  Now which do I want more?

While he's at it I need an extension added on to the top of my encaustic work space to accommodate the larger work I'm currently creating... 45 inches long.  Really, I'm working on a piece that is that long!



Norma Conway said...

This is such an exciting and interesting work spot view. I love your work, and I hope the solution of the air circulation gets sorted without too too much of a headache! I'd delay the vanity, but that is me...*smiles* Norma

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