Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pattern and decoration

My love of pattern and other surface decorations has been a constant in my life probably because of my introduction to sewing and craft at an early age. Part of my fascination with old wallpapers comes from my early immersion in pattern or perhaps it is the other way around! Living in rooms of trellises and fantasy flowers as a child might have exposed me to some insidious invasion of my senses that remains today.

There are many artists like me who cannot seem to escape their attraction to pattern and decoration and use it in their art. A recent find is Julie Phillips, an artist living in Omaha , Nebraska, who uses mixed media and feels "that there is a "whole truth" in our human need for beauty and calm, for hope and comfort". Her love of rich, exotic textiles is very evident in her work. Her description of "landscapes of pattern" struck a cord with me because of my new series (yet unveiled to the general public). While I am creating landscapes with transfers of vintage wallpapers they do not look like Julie's work. It is her stacking and layering of imagery that makes her reference to landscape work for me.

Julie Phillips , 2010
Painted Tapestry XIII, Handmade acrylic, spray enamel and metallic thread on Belgian linen 72 x 78 inches

Her work can be found at Anderson O' Brien Fine Art.


ArtPropelled said...

Looking at Julie Phillips work is like looking at an exotic garden. My love of pattern probably started when learning to write the alphabet and each letter had to be coloured and patterned. Repetative capital R's were a great joy.

Shayla said...

Very nice!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Stunning example of texture & pattern...I remember tracing my finger around a floral rug when I was little...the scrolls the petals...things like that stay with one forever. Thank you for sharing this work!

Jeanette said...

Julie's work is lovely, thank you
for sharing that link.

Colour, pattern, and beauty have returned to the world and nothing, at least to me, could be more welcome.

Tina Steele Lindsey said...

Very yummy!

Madame K said...

"There are many artists like me who cannot seem to escape their attraction to pattern and decoration.."

Yep, count me in.

beauty comma said...

hello margaret,
thanks for the link! you were right; i love her work! i think that the posts you've written on pattern lately are great. your documentation of old wallpaper is very interesting!
i wonder why we love patterns so much - we find it in the arts and crafts of so many cultures. but we find repeating patterns in lots of music as well, so it's obvious that we need structures...
it'll be interesting to see your work once you're ready to show it to us.

Kelly Marszycki said...

Perhaps, like quilts, wallpapers can be felt, touched, traced. I believe with encroaching technology we seek that tactile quality more and more these days! Thanks for sharing!