Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Redefined again

 Here's more work from my Redefined series which is a small subset of a larger body of work titled Remnants . If you've read previous posts you will know that I am reworking imagery that I felt didn't live up to my initial expectations. I am pleased with my new take on previous work. 

Untitled , (2010)16 x 16in.  mixed media on canvas

 Redefined - Barrel (2011) 16 x 16 in. mixed media on board

What did you notice when you compared my first and second attempt?


TSL - Living in Art said...

I am enamoured with the dimensional feel and colors most especially on the first image, and the earthy feel of the second. Enoyed.

Carole said...

More texture, more colour, more movement, and more strength.

Stan Kurth said...

Hi Margaret,

I haven't been around the blogging community for awhile and I just saw these come up in my side bar. Wow, they are wonderful!