Friday, February 8, 2013

Echoes of Venice Series

Venice lives fresh in my memory since 2005 and its patterns and textures keep reappearing in my art work in the series Echoes of Venice. This series has been around since 2006 and I keep adding  adding small pieces to it.  I am even more focused on it this year because I return to Venice this June.  I anticipate a fresh batch of work.

 The old section of Venice is a treasure trove of patterns and textures.  Walking the narrow streets brings you in close proximity to walls and windows and you can't help notice what is around you.   Everything is within reach of your fingertips. Churches, galleries, shops and other historical attractions reek of gold and beautiful patterns.  Masks, hand made books, gowns, ornaments, fabrics - how can you not want to build all that lusciousness into your work. 

 Here's a peek  at two different  sets of work that keep getting added to. 

Two of  six which will be mounted side by side and framed as one.  Each piece is 4.5 x 6 inches.  I feel more of these in the offing.  

Then there's the newer work that is very neutral and light with a strong focus on pattern and texture.  Each piece is 6 x 8 and when complete they will be hung in grids of 9 (at least that's what I think now).  It seems I can only get the look I want in encaustic.

 This one is incomplete because the great divide needs to be filled but nothing is speaking right now. 


TSL said...


Jeanette said...

Beautiful textures and the golds are exquisite. Yes, that's what Venice is all about. You've put its essence on something we all can share in.

I envy your trip to Venice in June. Its a true sensory experience.

Katharine A. Cartwright said...

Love the textures and motifs! How wonderful that you can return to Venice. It will be interesting to see how your next trip influences your work.